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Publication rules
Last modified: June 1, 2018

As a basic rule, and as specified in the Terms of Use of llaveenmano.com, the announcements must respect the laws and any other norms of the applicable legal system, good customs and public order.

Beyond the advertisers have to respect the General Rules of Publication as well as the Specific Rules of the Category in which a particular announcement is published.

It is important to keep in mind that the rules are updated frequently and therefore change over time. llaveenmano.com reserves the right to decide when an advertisement is against the rules and the spirit of the Portal and, therefore, when it is necessary to remove it from the site. Any advertisement or user that does not agree with the Terms of Use or the Rules of Publication will be removed and blocked from the page.

As a general rule any use of llaveenmano.com that harms or annoys the other users who use the portal will be understood as not acceptable.

1. General rules of publication
It is necessary to complete all the obligatory fields of the PUBLISH AD form.
The categories and sections (demand vs. supply) must be respected.
It is not allowed to publish an identical or similar advertisement to another one already published.
It is not allowed to use fictitious emails to publish an advertisement.
It is not allowed to write the ad in capital letters.
It is not allowed to publish ad serving services.
It is not allowed to advertise something generic.
It is not allowed to use keywords not related to the ad ("Keyword Spamming").
It is not allowed to use systems or tools for the publication or massive and / or automatic renewal of advertisements, without the prior written consent of llaveenmano.com.
It is not allowed to copy, process or distribute the text and / or photos or images of third parties without their prior authorization.
It is not allowed to include the phone number or email outside of the explicitly provided fields to include this information or URL in the name field of the PUBLISH AD form.
It is not allowed to publish ads with erotic, sexual or pornographic content.
You can only renew an ad for free once every 24h.
The publication of special rating numbers (905, 806, etc.) in any category outside the Seers section is not allowed.
In advertisements valid for all of Spain, you must indicate the location where the product is located, the animal, the property, employment, etc.
A barter must be announced in the category of the article or service that the advertiser has.
It is not allowed to announce clairvoyance services outside the Seers category.
It is not allowed to put a fictitious price to improve the positions in the searches.
It is not allowed to publish advertisements that promote businesses that may in some way be competitors of llaveenmano.com.
2. Specific rules of the category
1. Employment
It is not allowed to publish ads related to sex, eroticism or fetishism as well as massages, company or friendship in this section.
It is not allowed to announce pyramid schemes or similar.
Offers of self-employment (self-employed, commercial contracts, ...) or similar should not be announced in this section. These types of offers must be offered in the "business" section. In employment, only offers or demands for employment with a labor contract are allowed.
It is not allowed to offer services in this section. In JOB OFFERS advertisements are published in which the advertiser wants to hire someone. In JOB DEMANDS advertisements are advertised by advertisers who are looking for a job (not a contract for a service).
2. Real estate
Only one property per ad is allowed to be announced.
The property has to be announced in the locality in which it is located.
You can not look for companions or partners for relax floors, massage floor, etc.
Special obligations for advertisers to rent holiday homes. The owner or manager of the holiday home:
It states that it has a legitimate title to dispose of the property or, where appropriate, its authorization and with all the administrative licenses and authorizations that may be necessary for the lawful development of the activity.
You must publish certain and accurate information about the characteristics of the accommodation offered on the portal and agree to keep it updated.
He will be responsible for the information published or omitted, as well as the contents published by him.
The Royal Decree 235/2013, of April 5, which approves the basic procedure for the certification of energy efficiency of buildings establishes the obligation to make available to the buyers or users of buildings an energy efficiency certificate which should include objective information on the energy efficiency of a building and reference values ​​such as minimum energy efficiency requirements in order that the owners or tenants of the building or a unit of it can compare and evaluate its energy efficiency. Therefore, and as long as it corresponds to the type of property advertised, it is the responsibility of the advertiser to include the energy efficiency certificate in the advertisement. More information in Energy efficiency certification level.
3. Motor
The categories of cars, classic cars, SUVs, cars without license, vans, trucks, buses and motorcycles are reserved exclusively for vehicles and can not be advertised in them services, parts, accessories or similar.
It is not allowed to post photos of a vehicle other than the vehicle for sale.
4. Pets
The possession, acquisition, sale and / or capture of many species of animals is subject to specific laws or regulations of the legal system. By way of example, and in no case limiting or excluding, we would like to call attention to the following rules with which the advertiser must comply:

Royal Decree 439/1990, of March 30, which regulates the National Catalog of Endangered Species
Royal Decree 1628/2011, of November 14, which regulates the list and Spanish catalog of Invasive Alien Species
Law 8/2003, of October 28, on Flora and Wildlife
Legislative Decree 2/2008, of April 15, approving the revised text of the Law on the Protection of Animals
Royal Decree 287/2002, of March 22, which develops Law 50/1999, of December 23, on the legal regime of the possession of potentially dangerous animals
It must also be borne in mind that there may be specific laws and regulations at the level of the autonomous communities that must be complied with, such as the order of November 28, 1988, for the creation of the Register of Zoological Nuclei of Catalonia (DOGC 1087 of 30). / 12/1988) or Decree 158/1996, of August 13, of the Consell, in which the Register of Zoological Nuclei of the Valencian Community was created as an instrument for the declaration as a zoological nucleus of the establishments considered as such.

In this sense, in some Autonomous Communities, such as the case of Catalonia or the Valencian Community, to sell or make donations of animals by means of claim magazines or similar publications, the zoo core registration number must be included.

5. Masseurs
It is NOT allowed to publish photographs of people that may incite, confuse or suggest sexual or erotic services (sensual, sensitive, tantric, etc.).

The accounts from which ads are published and violate this point, could be permanently blocked as well as all your deleted ads.

In this sense, action could be taken based on point 10 of the general conditions of use.

6. Parts or components of vehicles (spare parts)
At the state level, regulations on vehicles at the end of their useful life have been approved (Royal Decree 20/2017, of 20 January) that establishes measures aimed at the prevention of the generation of waste from vehicles and the collection, at the preparation for the reuse, recycling and other forms of recovery of vehicles at the end of their useful life, including their components.

In accordance with the regulations, authorized centers for the treatment of vehicles at the end of their useful life will issue a certificate so that, subsequently, the "economic agents" can market the used or second-hand parts in accordance with the Safety regulations. Industrial, the General Law for the defense of consumers and users and the Law of Retail Trade.

Thus, for the commercialization of the components or spare parts you must inform yourself about the applicable regulations. If you have questions, contact specialized advisors or associations.

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